onsdag 12. april 2017

How to make a chicken egg cozy , Hvordan sy en egghøne

=4 x A4 papir

you will need:
2x main fabric for the chicken + 2x fusable interfacing 
1x main fabric for the bottom of the chicken + 1x fusable interfacing
4x wing fabric +2x fusable interfacing
2 x lining for the chicken + 2x fusable interfacing
1x lining for the bottom + 1x fusable interfacing
2x padding for chicken
1x padding for bottom
2x padding for wings
buttons for eyes
cushion filling

iron on the fusable interfacing to the back of every piece of fabric mentioned.

sew together 1x main fabric(w interfacing) 1x padding and 1x  lining (w.interfacing)

pin together all the way

trim edges with pinking shears

Sew together 1x wing w interfacing, 1x wing w NO interfacing and 1x padding

leave an opening to turn the inside out

close the opening and add two seams for wings.

Sew together comb, beak and wittler front facing

Here are all parts ready

Add wings to both sides

place the template for the hole on ONE side. and make sure the wing covers it.

sew as shown here

Cut on the inside of the seam with a pinkie shear

Add binding with sewline glue!! GENIOUS!!

Stitch on the outer edge

VOILA!!! A hidden opening.

Pin the bottom to the body starting at the end of the tail(?) and sew

This is how it should look now.

Pin or clamp the other body part to the half done chicken and sew as shown

add some cushion filling to the whittler

Plase comb, beak and whittler between the head layers. Pin and sew together.

Turn the chicken right side out throug the wing hole and add filling to head and tail.

Make a cushion 22cm dia, 

Add filling and close. Place inside chicken

Add some black buttons for eyes.

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